Discover the rechargeable solar Schoolbag for studying without interruption.

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Solar & success granted

This is not because they do not have access to electricity they are not entitled to success.
Give them the tools and they will succeed. Give them Solarpak and they will move from bottom of the pyramid to top.
It is with this philosophy that we founded Solarpak, to bring sunshine into the lives of these children and give them the opportunity to succeed.

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a 12w Solar Panel BackPack with 2000 mAH for studying without interruption

Rechargeable, Ecological and user friendly

Solarpak is a waterproof backpack designed with a rechargeable solar panel to use sunlight or daylight , to illuminate with its integrated LED lamp homework and revisions for student in areas without electricity. With Solarpak, no need to study with candle. The backpack stores energy from the sun during the day and uses it for the evening to allow the student to study.
A multifunctional ecological bag with renewable energy, easy to use and convenient for school life without interruption.

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An integrated led lamp to avoid studying with candle light

Integrated LED Lamp

With Solarpack, they will carry their school supplies by day and at night, use the integrated LED lamp and the energy accumulated to study under better conditions;.

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Without Personnal Branding
With Personnal Branding

Primary school bag

$15No customization
$20With customization
  • 1000 mAH Battery
  • Photo Voltaic Solar Panel
  • 4-6 Hours to charge the Battery
  • 6 - 12 hours use for LED Lamp
  • 1 year guaranted

Secondary school bag

$25no customization
$35with customization
  • 2000 mAH Battery
  • Photo Voltaic Solar Panel
  • 4-6 Hours to charge the Battery
  • 12 - 24 hours use for LED Lamp
  • 4 - 6 hours use to charge a 2000 mAH Cell Phone
  • 1 year guaranted


$45no customization
$55with customization
  • 10 000 mAH Battery
  • Photo Voltaic Solar Panel
  • 6-12 Hours to charge the Battery
  • 48 - 72 hours use for LED Lamp
  • 6 - 8 hours use to charge a 9000 mAH Tablet PC
  • 1 year guaranted

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solarpak?

Solarpak is a rechargeable solar schoolbag or backpack. It's build for countries where electricity supply is not enough. The lack of electricity in rural areas in Africa sometimes makes child rearing difficult when the sun is down, light fault. In this equation, Solarpak creates backpack fitted with solar panels that will power a lamp to continue studying after dark.

How accurate is Solarpak for the electricity issue in Africa

The electrification of Africa is a subject that involves many actors. The UN reports estimate that 700 million Africans do not have access to regular electricity, mostly in remote areas. Among the discussed proposal, the equipment of rural people with sunlamp is a particularly advanced solution in the reports of ECOWAS (the Economic Community of West African States). More than a simple sunlamp, we created a specific product for student in these areas: a Schoolbag equiped with solar panel, battery and LED Lamp.

How it works?

Solarpak is a school bag consisting of a small solar panel connected to a lamp. Carrying his schoolbag on his back on the way to school, the child allows the battery to recharge. It thus has a lamp plugged via USB on the power source and may study, if necessary, after sunset.

How did the idea come?

We noticed that most households in rural areas often have only a hurricane lamp for a family of up to five to ten people. And obviously, it is the parents who monopolize this light source at night. A child finishes school at 4:30 Pm. In September, for the start of school, the sun sets around 6 pm. Time to go home, he remains at best for the child an hour to study on the sunlight. These are not optimal conditions for progress. We found it unfair that these children do not have the same opportunities as those who study in big cities. We thought that the solution must come from an object that could without effort bring light on the way to school, for example. The idea of ​​the backpack with solar panel has therefore imposed. In one day, the chool bag charge into electricity allows a battery life of 4 to 5 hours for the LED light.

What is your business model?

Our business model is simple. We aim first major corporate with CSR policy, who as part of their missions bring the best to be the vulnerable populations with whom they do business. Every year millions of school kits are offered by various governmental and non-governmental organizations. We aim to provide these organizations with intelligent solutions to the problematics they address.
Finally, we know that on average a ruurale family in Africa spends about $ 200 per year in the education of her child. make such an investment and not to see the fruits due to lack of electricity would be a shame. So we offer these parents to offer for less than 15USD a strong and waterproof briefcase with a LED lamp to give children the opportunity to succeed.

Where are you with the project?

We have already produced and distributed hundreds of solar bags. We are now at the stage of raising funds for the production and distribution of several million rechargeable solar bags to cover all of Africa.

Customer Testimonails

Thanks to Solarpak, i am able now to improve my skills in mathematics as i can now study more than one hour in the evening.

Uriel Yao EPP Affery 1 - Côte d'Ivoire.
Customer Testimonails

Solarpak is a pragmatic solution for hundreds of millions of African students who can not study properly once evening falls, electrical fault.

Thierry N'Doufou CEO Qelasy and Co-founder Solarpak.
Customer Testimonails

I worked in a hardware delivery company. During my travels, I noticed that most households in rural areas often have only Ivorian a hurricane lamp for a family of up to five to ten people. And obviously, it is the parents who monopolize this light source at night. We then designed Solarpak to help those homes

Evariste Akoumian Co-Founder Solarpak.

Solarpak could help more that 700 000 000 africans living in rural or semi rural areas